How To Become an Eco-Friendly VA

Have you ever considered becoming an eco–friendly virtual assistant?

There's never been a better time to get started. We can no longer deny the effects of climate change - businesses need eco-friendly VAs.

Are you a dynamic individual who is passionate about supporting themselves and purpose-led individuals to make a meaningful impact whilst saving the planet?

Join my structured DIY Kit pathway to start working in a less saturated niche VA community that cares.

You will be rewarded with loyal customers, a healthier planet and a healthier bank balance.

The modules contained within this 12 week DIY kit lay out a fully comprehensive pathway providing everything you need to create a successful business as an eco-friendly virtual assistant. 


  • the vision, motivation and drive,
  • essential practical business tools,
  • where to go for community,
  • to whom to direct your social media energy,
  • where to find your loyal clients,
  • how to build a sustainable business model that grows.

Module 1 will be waiting for you upon purchase so you can get started right away.

Then each new module will become available at 1 week intervals giving you time to work through the content and complete any actions before moving on to the next step in the pathway.

My great value How To Become an Eco-Friendly VA DIY KIT is perfect for the very self-motivated!

Buy now and get started today for as little as £149. 

Like most, my freelance journey started when I became a mum. I'd spend long hours commuting into the city, on a career path that didn't allow me to get home in time for my daughter's bed time. It just didn't make sense! 

Something had to change.

At the start, my experience as a personal assistant had served me well, but the next step was to figure out how to transition from an employee mindset to CEO and overcome the hurdles that comes with it - hello, imposter syndrome? To boot I was working alone on my business and figuring things out as I went along.

It took some time, but being studious, dedicated and committed to my personal development and improvement meant I was able to build a business I feel proud of as well as doing planetary good. 

I've grown my business to the level of my dreams - My business and bank balance is thriving not just surviving. 

It's safe to say, my journey was filled with lots of ups and downs!

The good news is yours doesn't have to be! 

You've got this! We've got this!

12 Modules

Setting up as an eco-friendly VA

The foundations of your business will be built by completing this module.

Who do you need to become?

Vision and planning are two of the vital building blocks of a successful business.

Business essentials

Financial information and KPIs to support business plan and growth.

Identifying your ideal paying client (IPC)

Who is going to buy your product or engage your services and who your ideal client is NOT.

Business tools & office space

How to choose business tools and set up your workspace to optimise your efficiency, a fundamental requirement of a VA. 

Healthy people, healthy planet

Are you taking good care of your most valuable business asset?

Seeking opportunities in the eco-friendly VA sector

Take the stress out of finding new clients and opportunities with this groundwork done for you.

Social media planning & tactics

Master your content marketing and make your business shine online.

News & community

Keep up to date with environmental news and become a trusted voice in the eco-friendly VA community.

Review your business plan

Regular review is essential to business growth. It's time to check back in with the business plan you worked on in module 2.

Take your business to the next level

Shake off those imposter syndrome feelings and become the fearless CEO that you are.

Establishing yourself as an award winning eco-friendly VA

Get recognised and celebrated as the inspiring!

Modules for this product 12
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